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A unified all-inclusive digital platform.
The retail fuels market is rapidly evolving, and a quick adaptation is essential to ensure business sustainability and stay ahead of the game.

Focusing on the digital transformation of the products and services in a retail fuels site is of utmost importance to enhance the consumer experiences, expand and diversify the client base and more importantly increase your C-Store and Fuels profits.


USD Retail eCommerce sales worldwide in 2021.


Increase of mobile eCommerce sales in 2021 over the previus year.


Number of digital buyers, that is 27.6% of the people in the world

Hop on the digital future today

With fully integrated systems and hardware, from an intuitive POS, a Forecourt Controller, real-time business management information to a mobile Commerce platform to digitally interact with your customers, all from a single provider, pain-free.

Fully integrated solution

Fuels – Cstore – Apps Enhanced digital Cx

Contactless App based payments

Cstore and Fuels

Operations & Customer data

More effective advertising & promotions

Enhance your customers’ digital experience

Loyalty, pay at the pump, fleet, Click & Collect, etc

Custom-made solutions

Flexibility to adapt to your business model

Cloud-based solution

Manage your business from any device/anywhere

The only digital platform you will need to enter the future of the Retail Fuels Business

Purposely designed to easily evolve alongside the digital needs of your strategy, flexible enough to accommodate a vast number of solutions, and always aiming to satisfy each business's needs.

Our Solutions

A diverse array of solutions for an end-to-end digital transformation of your business.

Cloud – Based Retail Integrated Solution

Forecourt Controllers & Distribution Boxes

Mobile Applications

Mobile Payment Solutions

Loyalty Program App

Fleet Program App

Innovation & Development

Cloud – Based Retail Integrated Solution

A flexible and modular fuel retail network solution.
Our cloud-based fuel retail solution, Prisma, provides today’s operators with the end-to-end solution required to create the digital retail fuel station of the future.

Adaptable to your business needs.

Easily integrated.

Allows you to control, innovate thus grow and maximize your revenue.


Easy to use PRISMA POS forecourt and backcourt, hardware agnostic. Multi language, multi country.

Pos Lite

PRIMA LITE is a POS alternative for fuels-only or CStore-only sites.

Back Office

Much more than a back office. An infinite source of best practices to help you run your business efficiently.

Head Office

For central management of your retail network, robust reporting module and more.

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Forecourt Controllers & D-Boxes

A diverse portfolio of fuel controlling solutions.
For a seamless interface of every equipment and device in your service station from the dispensers to POS and ERP systems.

For all your needs in fuel and forecourt control.

Fuel Direct #

A forecourt controller with advanced software technology, for ATG’s, POS, and any brand of dispensers.

Omega JR

A cost-effective controller solution, can even handle mechanical pumps and many brands combinations.

Picon II

A full featured console capable of running up to 16 fuelling positions, when a POS is not required.

Distribution Boxes

To meet all your projects needs: PI E-Z Wire, PI D-Box & PI Mechanical DBox.

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Mobile Payment Solutions

Increase your customer base through a mobile payment solution.
Our mobile payment solution “Gasolina Móvil or Pumpal” is an easy, quick and secure way of paying at your service station.

A fully integrated e-payment solution, specially designed for Retail Fuels & CStore.

Easy and convenient

Easy and convenient: Consumers can pay with just 3 taps on their smart phones.

An integrated solution

Payment Gateway, seamless integration to POS/Controllers, loyalty and financial payment systems.

A white label option

A white label option is available. You can have your own branded version of the App.

Access to customer data

Source of customer behavior data and usage patters to learn how to increase the # of transactions.

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Loyalty Program App

Influence your customer actions and increase customer engagement.
Leverage our Loyalty platform to build an everlasting relationship between your brand and consumers.

Lifestyle needs

Contribute to the customer’s lifestyle needs… Up Cx


Optimal management of loyalty points: leverage analytics.


Increase customer engagement through a gamified, incentivized campaign with personalized rewards.

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Fleet Management Program

Fully integrated Fleet platform to Artisoft’s suite of offerings.
Our Fleet platform is fully integrated to all of Artisoft’s solutions. Also, can be customized to the customer’s specific needs.

Different ways to identify users

Many ways to identify users: Magnetic cards, mobile apps, RFID, etc.

Campatible with other systems

With Conexxus, API and Tablet/Ingenico.

Cloud-based management

Real-Time , cloud-based management for the user and the Service Station.


Manage credit limits, payment, invoicing, customer support and more.

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Innovation & Development

Any other ideas for apps or modules to develop?
At Artisoft we are eager to help you develop innovative solutions to promote the growth of your business and keep you ahead of competition.

Carwash and/or lube bay appointment scheduling and payment app.

In Store Self ordering and check-out.

Automated cash handling for Forecourt and C-Store.

E-Store Solutions: A mobile app to increase convenience store sales.

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