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Putting Control Back in Your Hands

With PRISMA, gas stations and C-stores have access to the most sophisticated POS solution on the market. Our cloud-based solution means you can manage reporting, pricing and administration from anywhere with ease—all while ensuring that your data is always backed-up and secure.

Software components: PRISMA POS, PRISMA Manager, Back Office and Head Office

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Features and Benefits

Enterprise Solutions at a Fraction of the Price

At Artisoft Labs, we understand the complexities involved with running C-Store and Fuel Businesses. That’s why we created an all-inclusive digital platform that makes it easier than ever to access everything you need – from POS and Back Office to Forecourt Controllers and Mobile Apps. Our comprehensive solution is tailored specifically for your needs — making it fast and easy to access information on the go. Cut down on manual data entry, gain real-time insights into performance and inventory metrics for better insight into customer behavior — maximize efficiency, boost performance & profitability today!

Everything You Need

  • End-to-End Software Architecture, Capable of Integrating with Existing Systems
  • Mobile App for a Seamless User Experience
  • Real-time Business Management Info with Free Back-Office with Scan Data and More
  • Compliant Dual Pricing Eliminates up to 99% of Processing Fees
  • Cloud-based Solution Eliminates Nearly All Downtime
  • Multisite Capabilities, Scalable to Fit Nearly Any Need or Operation Size
  • Accepts EMV Payments with all Major Make and Model Dispensers
  • Real-time Remote Support Reduces On-Site Tech Visits
  • Reduce Labor Costs with Automated Self-Checkout and Integrated Third-party Accounting Solutions
Cloud Based

Secure Data with Cloud Backups and Cloud Synced Back Office

Touch Screen

All-in-One Design Featuring a Hi-Res, Touch Screen Display

24/7 Support

Around the Clock Remote and On-Site Technical Support


Reliable Self-Service Kiosk Integration Available for Customers

Mobile Payment

Mobile Pay-at-the-Pump Integration Available for Your Customers

High Compatibility 

Solutions Available and Compatible with All Dispensers

Available Payment Processors

Fuel Control Solutions That Work

Our diverse portfolio of fuel controlling solutions features everything from Distribution Boxes to Forecourt Controllers. This puts the control at your fingertips without the extra hassle and allows you to unlock the full potential of your business. 

  • Retrofits to Existing Systems
  • Widely Compatible
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Distribution Boxes

EZ Wire D-Box

Provides a single D-Box installation for conversions from major oil company to generic point of sale systems without breaking concrete for additional conduit and wires.

It enables the two separate Two-Wire loops (one for the dispenser and one for the CRINDS) to be run on one pair of wires.

PI Distribution Box

Is available in versions compatible with each major dispenser, yet is smaller and less expensive than the manufacturers’ own DBoxes. It is used with all major controller brands including PI systems.

Compatible with Wayne/Dresser, Gilbarco, Tokheim, RS485-type, Kraus, and Bennett. LED diagnostic indicators for pump data flow simplifies the entire process.

PI Mechanical D-Box

The PI Mechanical D-Box provides connectivity to mechanical dispensers when controlled by a PIcon console or FuelDirect software controller. It contains an individual relay board for each dispenser.

The D-Box can come in 2 different sizes that depend on the number of hoses. The small electrical box can connect up to 4 hoses, while the large box can connect up to 8 hoses.

Forecourt Controllers

Fuel Direct

Is a full-featured Fuel Controller Software that also has the ability to connect to car wash systems, price signs, and tank monitoring systems.

Used in conjunction with our own brand-specific D-Boxes, Fuel Direct can control up to 64 same-brand or mixed-brand dispensers. With extensive Diagnostics, FuelDirect can remotely tell you what is going on at a site.

PI Distribution Box

Is an external controller for electronic and mechanical dispensers. It can control up to 32 same-brand or mixed-brand dispensers, and has built-in HyperTerminal.

The Omega JR has an RS232 interface that allows computer programs to control the dispensers. It is a replacement for Progressive’s PCXZ controller, and uses the same PCXZ protocol.

PIcon II

Works with all major brands, and can control up to 16 fueling positions. It uses state-of-the-art technology and design, and is feature-packed at only a fraction of the cost of other console controllers.

The PIcon II includes prepay/postpay, preset, drive-away alerts, stacked sale, and cash/credit operation.

Line Monitor


The RLM 3 monitors the dispenser communications link and accumulates the fueling transactions for retrieval by a tank monitoring system, allowing a much higher degree of accuracy in site reconciliation.

With the its built-in diagnostics, setting up and servicing the equipment is simple to do. The RLM 3 works with the major brand dispenser systems.

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Fast and Secure Mobile Payments at the Pump

Pumpal is a state-of-the-art payment platform specially designed for the needs of service station customers, service station operators and distributors. No more waiting in lines at the stores or fuel stations, with our app your customers can pay at the pump or in store using their phone.

  • Accepts All Major Credit Cards
  • In-Store Payments
  • Integration with Other Payment Apps
  • 600+ Service Stations
  • Over 350k App Downloads
  • 4.9 App Store Rating
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Easy, Accurate Fleet Fuel Management

Our cloud-based fuel management platform enables fleet owners and retail operators to access fueling data and manage consumption on any device.

  • Customizable Reports
  • Real-time Web Reporting
  • Individual User Configuration
  • Works via App or Card
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Our Fleet Fuel Management App is compatible natively with any of Artisoft’s Solutions. Integration into your business structure is easy since it is also compatible with most solutions using our MagicBox. 

  • Prisma/Lite
  • MagicBox
  • Conexxus
  • API
  • Tablet / Ingenico

Real-Time, Cloud Management App

Our cloud-based management app puts the control back in your hands. With full control for program administrators you can enter payments, manage access, create and modify accounts easily from anywhere.

  • Strong security controls including 2FA
  • Manage accounts and business access
  • Set and modify credit limits
  • Generate invoices and enter payments