Mobile applications

Loyalty Program App

Loyalty points, rewards & customer purchasing habits to retain and attract customers.

Boost new and repeat sales

Create a powerful rewards and loyalty program that will reduce your customer acquisition cost & increase sales. Enhance your marketing program with loyalty data and incentivize reviews.

Promote profitable user actions

Record relevant user events

Store and manage accounts

Redeem rewards

Measure results


turn your customers into

Repeat Purchasers

With our platform you can create and customize a loyalty and rewards program that is easy to launch and promotes customer engagement.

Give customers rewards for loyalty

Design your rewards model: points, tokens, etc. Customize your redemption process.

Boost your brand's top of mind

Stay connected with personalized emails or mobile app alerts.

Easily integrated

Native integration to our mobile payment app. Pay and earn point on one single transaction.

Fully customized program

Fully aligned with your brand standards & strategic objectives.

Seamless integration to other Apps if required

Web and social media integrations are possible

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