Fuel Station Partner

Fuel Station Partner

Fuel Station Partner has been designed to fulfill all petroleum business owners needs. It has been developed using the latest technology and takes advantage of cloud computing in order to achieve its goals. We’ve used the best tools available on the market in order to achieve a solid software implementation. All the rich client software units were written using C# (.NET Framework 4), which is the latest available stable .NET Framework Version from Microsoft. The database used by the software is MySQL for both the cloud based unit and the local based unit. MySQL is the world’s most popular database and allows us the flexibility of combining web technologies and desktop technology. It runs on most Operating Systems available on the market while lowering down the costs of ownership of our solution.

The software is comprised of several software units.

  1. The Dispenser Manager Unit – This unit works as a Windows Service which only runs on main computer of the station. This unit is responsible for the continuous communication between dispensers and POS stations. It also controls and syncs the data between the cloud base database and the local database unit, making this unit the core of operation of our software.
  2. POS Unit – This software unit is the responsible for processing all day to day transactions of every station. It has been designed to be used as a touchscreen unit making it easy to learn and operate. It integrates all functions of traditional fuel control consoles and common transactions handled by other pos software available on the market. You may have multiple POS units working together in a single station.
  3. Backoffice – This unit is the responsible of producing all reports and backoffice operations of the whole organization. This unit may run anywhere where an internet connection is available, allowing the business owner and administrator the faculty of managing multiple stations from a central location. All information collected at the POS Units
  4. Inventory Management Module – This tool takes care of inventory counting and reconciliation in a very efficient way. All counting is checked in real time against the inventory database for the current location.

All software units include auto updating capabilities, allowing our users to receive updates automatically. Our software is constantly being updated, we receive update requests from our customers and after implementing them, all of our customers benefit from the update.

If you are currently one of our customers you will find in this website, video tutorials, downloads and all information you need to take advantage of our software. You will need to login in order to get full access to member areas.